Custom Orders

Welcome to our gallery of Custom Orders that we have filled for our loyal customers. We can work with a vast variety of materials, mediums, textures, processes, and designs. Whether you would like to purchase something unique for your home, need a creative gift item, want to memorialize a loved one, or just want an original design item, we can make that happen. 

Some of the Custom Concrete Orders we have designed include:

Memorial Benches, Memorial Stones, Foot Stones, Memorial Pavers

Table Tops, Bar Tops, Fire Places, Counter Tops, Decorative Sinks

Several Patio designs from Fire Tables, Water Tables, Fiber Optic Tables, Patio Tables, and Patio Pavers, to Outdoor Chimneys, Decorative Walls, Compass Stars and Stump Table Bases


No matter what the special piece you are looking for is, we can help you create it by accenting your favorite Teams, Sports, Organizations, Hobbies, Scenery, Colors, Logos, Designs, or even Collectibles. We can even create something unique and special, that you can memorialize your loved ones with by adding their ashes directly into the design. There is no limit to the magic that we can create for you. 

Call us today to inquire about your next one of a kind show piece.