Where Concrete Meets Creativity

Looking for that special one of kind show piece for your home, or are you looking to update to a modern look? Well we can help you make that happen. Our Concrete Furnishings are 100% Custom Made to fit your personal style.

We love creating unique and modern pieces of art made from our special concrete blend. Our products are high quality, durable, and built to last. 

Whether you are looking for a Patio Design, Concrete Counter Top, or a personalized Compass Star Table, we do it all. We have the ability to laser etch a unique design, logo, or pattern of your choice into the concrete. We can then add many artist components of your choice to the piece. We can Stain, Paint, Glitter, or Epoxy the concrete, creating a custom style that brings your design to life. 

And it doesn’t stop there, we can add aggregates, leaves, fiber optics, or even special memorabilia pieces to your design. Our Concrete Furnishings are custom built to your needs and wants, size, color, and design, you choose what suits you best and we will do the rest. 

We back our products 100% and make sure that you are involved in every step of the design to ensure that you are getting exactly what you envision and desire. We strive for excellence not only with each design, but with each customer as well.